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It has almost been a year since we wrote a blog article covering the T4Change RES2UWM conversion tool. A lot has happened and has been achieved with our tool since then. The code has matured and around 25 successful conversions have been delivered. We think it’s time to stop calling it a tool, and start calling it a service that only T4Change can deliver.

How it all works

First of all, we want to be on the same page with our customer or partner, so we can meet the right expectations and continue a healthy relationship with them.

After we get in contact, we will briefly discuss what the service is. We will cover things like:

  • The intake
  • What data do we need and why do we need it
  • Set up an NDA
  • Create a Statement of work
  • Training RES minded admins to understand UWM and get a better understanding of the flow in UWM
  • Assist with building the UWM infrastructure
  • Optimization of the configuration
  • Aftercare, site-checks and SLA’s

If the customer/partner is interested, we can plan a Demo where we can show customer-specific configuration items in our demo environment. We can show what can be converted, what needs attention, discuss and advice them in ways to work around pain points.

The Demo

Our demo set contains the most common configuration items. It will show what data we need and how to gather it. We prefer to perform this demo over the internet using any kind of video conferencing program that is allowed in your company.
The following video covers the first part of our demo.

Once all data is ready to be processed, we can start our conversion. Depending on the size and complexity of the environment the real conversion might take a few hours. The conversion will produce several logs files which give insights into what we can expect after the conversion. Items, like unsupported conditions, can be solved offline, some of them simply need access to your AD/network and need to be changed once the configuration is made available in your environment.

The video below will show an actual conversion. Both products will be shown side by side for a better comparison. We will also show some features a RES admin will directly like when working with the UWM products. The demo and video only cover the configuration part. Security and Personalization conversion is also part of our service and is fully automated.


If you are interested in our service or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
The best way to contact us is by filling out the contact form at or by sending an e-mail to

Dennis van Dam(Workspace Specialist)

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