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Ivanti Environment Manager Personalization Groups data sharing potential nightmare

Until version 10 of Environment Manager, Personalization Groups where used as containers for users’ personalization data. During logon the conditions on Personalization Groups where evaluated top down and when a condition was met that would be the Personalization Group settings that would be applied. Users could have personalization settings in multiple groups but these were never roamed and/ or merged.

As of Environment Manager 10 Personalization Groups are only used for assigning settings to users. If a user falls into a different Personalization Group due to changes like within the Personalization Groups hierarchy or membership rules, their personalization data moves with them automatically. During an upgrade to v10 when there is a conflict (i.e. a user has personalization data in multiple Personalization Groups) the most recent data will be used. Orphaned data due to user movement between Personalization Groups in the past will be merged.
So after completing the upgrade only one set of Personalization Data and Archives is available for every user. All other data that existed before the upgrade is automatically deleted.

Great right! The upgrade merges all my user´s duplicate data to only the most recent data and archives which will have a positive impact on my SQL database(s) as well!

In most cases it is but if not prepared it may turn out to be a total nightmare……!!

What happens when a user has Personalization Data in multiple Personalization Groups?

Since there’s a conflict (a user has data in multiple Personalization Groups) the most recent data will be used and orphaned data is merged.

What you need to be sure of is that the most recent data is the is the data that needs to be presented to the users after migration. The most recent data might be data the user produced during i.e. development or acceptance testing or a set of data from a Personalization Group that isn’t applicable to the environment the user is currently logging on to.

So make sure this scenario works for you since the upgrade of the personalization data wipes all the redundant data automatically and could break your entire upgrade if the users do not get the Personalization Data the expect!

Extra care should be taken regarding multiple Windows Settings Groups for users since this means that the most recent Windows Settings are saved and all the others deleted. If there are differences between the Windows Settings Groups (i.e. in one Personalization Group Outlook settings part of the Windows Settings while in another Group they are not) these differences are not merged! So only the most recent Windows Settings from a Personalization Group are saved (last write wins!).

So if you’re currently using multiple Personalization Groups for differentiating personalizing settings based on conditions and you don’t want or cannot have these settings merged, you might want to reconsider and postpone your upgrade. V10 will not allow you to a separate set of data for users for each Personalization Group (

Mike Cobussen (Workspace Specialist)

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